Our Services

As a general practice for small animal veterinary medicine, the Richland Veterinary Hospital provides wellness exams, vaccinations and soft tissue surgery.  Medical problem oriented exams and diagnostic work-ups for both acute and chronic conditions are also available.


Cutting Edge™ MLS Therapy Laser:

Therapy laser can reduce pain, improve mobility and enhance your pet's quality of life. Advantages of laser therapy include: no sedation necessary, no side effects, non-surgical treatment, speeds healing, rapid results. Laser Therapy can be used to treat arthritis, acute and chronic pain, back injuries, swelling and inflammation, and wounds.  Click here to learn more >>

Cutting Edge™ CO2 Surgical Laser:

Laser surgery advantages include less bleeding and less pain because it seals nerve endings and small blood vessels as it cuts. This can mean shorter procedure times and quicker recovery for your pet.  Click here to learn more >>

Digital Radiographs:
ln 2010, Richland Veterinary Hospital transitioned to digital radiography. This advancement in technology allows for higher quality radiographs along with the ability to send copies of patients' radiographs digitally for review by other veterinarians, including board certified radiologists, or internal medicine or surgical specialists.

Pocket Pet/Exotic Companion Animal Medicine:

Medical services and discussions involving routine husbandry concerns are provided for ferrets, rabbits and rodents including Guinea pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters and Rats.

In-House Laboratory: 

Having the capability to run the following laboratory tests on site allows immediate results allowing the staff at Richland Veterinary Hospital to promptly and properly treat patients.

  • Chemistry machine: Provides blood glucose, kidney and liver values, electrolytes, pancreatic enzyme and even thyroid levels.
  • CBC machine can help diagnose anemia and/or infections within minutes.
  • 4DX snap test for dogs: a specific blood test to check for heartworm disease, lyme disease, ehrlichia and anaplasmosis. Results can be obtained in 10 minutes or less.
  • Snap combo Felv/FIV test:  cat specific blood test can determine if a cat or kitten has leukemia or FIV in 15 minutes or less.
  • Fecal snap tests permit the rapid diagnosis of parvovirus and giardia.
  • Fecal centrifugation technique to diagnose internal parasites including roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and coccidia.
  • Urinalysis aids in diagnosis of urinary tract infections, bladder stones and diabetes as well as other diseases.