With Cutting Edge™ technologies including surgical and therapy lasers, the Richland Veterinary doctors and staff provide the Johnstown area with top-notch small animal medicine and surgery.                    

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If your pet should ever require more specialized care than we can provide at the Richland Veterinary Hospital, we will work closely with board-certified specialists to ensure the best care possible.

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The Doctors and Staff of Richland Veterinary Hospital understand the convenience of purchasing pet medications and diets on the internet:

  • You can purchase the medications and foods at time that suits your schedule
  • You can make purchases from anywhere that you have internet access
  • The foods and medication arrive on your doorstep
  • There are often coupons and/or rebates available to help reduce the cost of food and medication

However, not all on-line pharmacies are reputable.  Counterfeit, outdated, mislabeled or improperly stored medications from an unknown source could harm beloved pets.  Medications and foods purchased on-line often are not guaranteed by the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the product. 

By purchasing products on-line through, you will enjoy the same quality and product guarantees as if you purchased the medication or food from the brick and mortar Richland Veterinary Hospital.